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Posted in: November 7, 2013

Categories: Send ESC, Volunteering

A Beatriz é de Queijas – Portugal e realizou um SVE em Zwierrzyniec na Polónia. Esta é a partilha da sua experiência!

Cześć! I’ve been in Poland for a short-term EVS (2 months) and I worked mainly in scout camps. I’ve been near Zielona Gora, Mielno (Baltic sea, gorgeous) and in Wroclaw (small but cozy). My main activities were preparing activities in English or Portuguese to kids with ages between seven and seventeen years old. The main concern in my project was to exchange my culture with theirs and show them another view of the world.

Polish people are really nice (they don’t kiss, they hug!). Some of them speak English very well some of them have no idea. If you go to towns forget about it , mimics will help a lot. The language is really cool but really hard but if you actually interact with Polish people, because if you are only with other volunteers you will only speak English and learn nothing, you get some vocabulary and understand something. As I was in camps I needed to learn some words and few sentences I wouldn’t have learn otherwise.

I’ve been there in summer but It was August and it was already raining, so quite different but lovely summer. You guys that are thinking about doing an EVS go for it, is an unique way of seeing, interacting and learning other realities. I don’t know what else to tell you except I really enjoyed the EVS and I want to go back haha. Poland is beautiful, has a really sad but interesting history and the soups are really good. Plus, things are much cheapear and it is really near to other nice countries :)!