Posted in: January 3, 2024

Categories: Host ESC, Send ESC, Volunteering

Project: EU.Motion Summer – Active Holidays 

Type of Programme: European Solidarity Corps 

Organiser: AMC Portugal 

Sending Organisation: Student Youth Council, Georgia 

So, my time in Portugal would be named a dream, however it was very much a reality. Did
I have my hopes of finding adventures, experience, new friends? Yes, I did, but everything
turned out so much better than I expected.
I liked working at Mais with all the kids and my favorite thing to recall is the scouts
camp, where by the way they all tried to teach me Portuguese so we could understand
each other better. And guess what? Thanks to them I was able to understand a lot!
Apart from organization, I liked country as everyone was very friendly and helpful. I fell in
love with the city vibes, music and dances and poetry – culture coming from all corners
of streets.
I have been part of many international projects and love each one dearly, but if you ever
ask where I would like to go back I will confidently say Lisboa. I fell in love with this
adventure forever. Muito amor e beijos!