Valérie ?? ✈️ ??

Posted in: November 4, 2013

Categories: Host ESC, Volunteering

A Valérie veio da Puy en Velay – França e realizou SVE em Lisboa em Portugal. Esta é a partilha da sua experiência!


I made my EVS in Portugal – Lisbon for 2 months. At first I went with the yougsters to the beach and the second time we played, painted, and did a cultural project (for me it was the presentation of France). EVS was an truly enriching and pure really great experience. It was a success for me in all areas: professional, language, cultural, human …

I spent two wonderful months where I met so many children, members and roommates who make us see things in a different way.The Portuguese are really friendly and very hospitable people. Always ready to help us, to inform us or others.

I fell in love with Lisbon, beautiful city with friendly people and amazing culin I advise all those who love to travel, to discover new horizons and new people, to try delights!(bacalhau, pastéis de nata…)
I wonder why I did not get the idea of what was EVS before. It’s a great experience, two months have passed too quickly.

Tenho muitas saudades de Lisboa e da associação, que eu quero voltar!

Obrigada por tudo!