Urszula ?? ✈️ ??

Posted in: November 4, 2013

Categories: Host ESC, Volunteering

A Urszula veio da Varsovia – Polónia  e realizou SVE em Lisboa em Portugal. Esta é a partilha da sua experiência!

What can I say about my EVS in few words: It was the craziest and most unexpected half an year of my life! I would like this time would never finish! I met people who changed my life and let me see new opportunities. I filled my head of great and demanding challenges.

I am definitely satisfied with my tasks, activities and daily responsibilities that I had to carry out during my EVS. The project lived up with all my expectations or even brought more advantages than I expected. I think I could not choose a better hosting organisation. Before my EVS I did not have experience in working with youngsters so I gained new skills in this area. I was worried about my interpersonal and intercultural competences, moreover I was not sure if I would manage to adapt quickly to the new situation… unnecessarily. Thanks to the help of friends who I was working with and support of my mentor and people who were working in the organization I felt like home.


During my EVS I learned a lot. Mostly I took many personal benefits. Now I am more tolerant, calm in interpersonal contacts and aware of different cultures. I try not to judge people and became more understanding. Leaving with new people, sharing flat, working with people from all Europe and dealing with daily problems abroad learned me how to be well organized and more disciplined. I feel I grown up during those months. Now I am not afraid of new things and tasks. I know that impossible is nothing. And what is very important for me – I learned how to be happy, how to see positives in ordinary things and enjoy every single day.

I highly recommend EVS to everybody. First of all, it is a great adventure! Moreover, it is a great way to learn a lot about ourselves, different cultures, and to become more tolerant and HAPPY.