Darko Dimitrioski

Posted in: July 13, 2021

Categories: Host ESC, Volunteering

Здраво! (Hello!)

It is not easy to find words to describe what I have experienced till now while I’m volunteering in Portugal. An experience that helped me realize that we can be happy even in Covid time (It’s a privilege to travel in a pandemic!). So, let’s start reviewing…

Португалија (Portugal) – Friendly and positive people, good wine, football addicted country, and a lot of reggaeton music (and fado as well)

The Portuguese language is like a song which you still haven’t learned the lyrics of that song. You understand, but you cannot speak (till you start to learn that language).

Лисабон (Lisbon) – Miradouro here, miradouro there, miradouro everywhere!

A city with a lot of viewpoints, a lot of history, a lot of street art, a lot of museums, a lot of nature, and a lot of beautiful tiny streets (especially in Alfama!)… simply, you cannot do not love this city! ?

Lisbon Cathedral (Sé de Lisboa), tram no.28 and pastel de nata are a must!

Project – Every project is easy when you have a good team!

As a person who is not comfortable with the communication area, I’m doing good in the communication & social media area (I think so…?). Life starts at the end of your comfort zone and also with teamwork the results are evident!

Flatmates – living in a multicultural environment is cool, but there are rules!

You cannot make a comparison between doner and gyro, gyro is gyro!

Their croissants are better!

Never! Never ever put ketchup on pizza!

Mermaids ?

And last but not least, volunteering is a mutual pleasure. If you can’t change the world, the world will change you … for the better!

Now back to work, see you again! ☺️