Posted in: September 12, 2023

Categories: Host ESC, Volunteering

Ciao a tutti!

I am Gabriele, I come from Sicily and I’m 25!

My volunteering with Mais Cidadania was a really adventure for a lifetime! I had a wonderful experience with the team, with the tasks and with the city!

First of all being in a team for me was like being in a family, where everyone was sharing the same mission.

I really felt safe to express myself, my thoughts, my ideas. The team was always ready to hear something from us, exchanging knowledges and experiences. I’ve learned a lot from them and I definitely grew up after this experience. It’s not easy to explain in some simple words this interpersonal exchange we had, but being with them really changed my vision. They are people who really love what to do, and through this love you can learn lot of things by simply observing them!

Connected to this the city – Lisbon – was the perfect setting for having this adventure! It is a really eventful city, with beautiful landscapes, friendly and also international people, nightlife and so on. It is impossible to get bored here! You will always have something to do, also because the association knows lots of people in the field of activism, arts, associations, interesting people that have always something to share with you!

Last but not least, the tasks I’ve been working on allowed me to be more professional in my field (Audiovisual), how to deal with schedules, deadlines and proposals. It’s a professional experience of a different level and at 360 degrees, where you learn a lot about your field, but also about the fields the association is working on, which humanly change you. Now I feel I am a better citizen, I feel more expert in my field, I feel more conscious about myself and our world, now I am ready to start new adventures. But I will always keep this bag full of wonderful people and memories forever, wanting to go back to do this experience again and again and again, wanting to go back to Portugal, to Lisbon, my second house, where my team is waiting for me.