Posted in: December 14, 2023

Categories: Volunteering

Name: Nana Salukvadze 


Type of program: European Solidarity Corps

Host Organisation: Semper Avanti Opole, Poland 

Sending Organisation: Institute for Change and Innovation, Georgia 

I am an ESC volunteer in Semper Avanti Opole. 

I want to share my feelings, emotions, goals and my daily life from my first volunteering journey.  In August 2023, I left my home In Georgia to start a new chapter in Poland.  

I have been here for two months and I’m in love with this city already. The organisation greeted me with warmth and kindness. They got to know me, and are trying to make me feel welcomed and part of the community. 

Opole is a small, safe, cosy and peaceful place with amazing architecture  and colourful buildings with balconies which are full of flowers. There are so many bicycles and  I love the fact that there aren’t homeless animals in the street. 

The war in Ukraine deeply affected me. I Feel so lucky and I’m happy with all of my heart to be around those amazing ukrainian children, and create a safe, supporting and development-oriented environment for them. 

Volunteering  helps me to create interesting memories and experiences, to make new friends, learn new skills, to be independent and feel happier and healthier. We have already implemented some interesting projects and activities. I am getting ready for upcoming days to share my ideas and make different and interesting projects. I hope that this journey in Opole will bring me lots of adventures, experiences and lifetime memories.