Posted in: February 26, 2024

Categories: Host ESC, Volunteering

Project: EU.Motion

Type of Programme: European Solidarity Corps 

Organiser: AMC Portugal 

Hey, I am Kristiana from Latvia and will shortly share my experience within AMC and Portugal as a volunteer.

In 2023 I spent 10 months in Lisbon, Portugal. My voluntary project started in February, so I was the lucky one who actually experienced all of the weather conditions that this city can provide.

The hosting organization (AMC) at the time was based in the very heart of Lisbon, in Rossio, which allowed me to experience more of the city. It’s main working fields includes non-formal education with multiple workshops in schools for both students and teachers, and various social projects about equality, women’s rights, fair living conditions, environmental issues, and many, many more.

My role for these 10 months was mostly in the office doing graphic design work and creating social media posts. The most challenging yet fulfilling task was the Youth Magazine, after which I realized I am passionate about layout and magazine designs. I also crafted some posts for social media, which allowed me to delve deeper into Portuguese culture, history, and artists, which I probably wouldn’t have done on my own. And my personal project was a huge one for me – my portfolio as a graphic designer and blog, where you can read more about my ESC and some traveling experiences. Check out if interested:

It took some adaptation time for me, to get used to the city, people and all the differencies. But the truth is, Portugal is amazingly beautiful with lots of colors, tiles, spectacular miradouros and it keeps you fit if you like to walk around. And within less than an hour ride from Lisbon, there are beautiful places like Sintra, Cascais, for a nice get-away adventure.

If I have to point out most soul-fulfilling things that made my experience memorable and even changed myself and the way I view things now, then these are:

· The lovely people I’ve met;

· The sun and the ocean (and wonderful nature of Portugal!);

· The many tasks as a graphic designer that built my portfolio;

· The cultural exchange;

· The opportunity to travel around and see more